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Commercial Awnings


Whatever business you are in you will realise the importance of maximising every opportunity. Our comprehensive range of products can help you achieve this.


Our outdoor shading products have a range of applications across many different types of business, varying from café bars, restaurants, high street shops and local delis to schools, offices, leisure facilities and golf clubs. In fact pretty much any type of business can benefit from the implementation of an awning.


Most of our customers use the products to cover valuable outdoor space to increase seating area and promote alfresco living. However there are many other reasons to add one to your business.


Visual attraction or kerb appeal is the corner stone to attracting passing trade and our product can help achieve this with the added opportunity to add you own branding.


Our retractable canopies can withstand wind speeds of up to force 6 on the Beaufort scale, making them the perfect product for bars, clubs, cafes and even schools, when the product is required for shelter for the UK’s more inclement weather conditions.


With increasing pressure on business running costs the shading benefit of our products can help reduce energy consumption or can help increase product shelf life.

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