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Roller Blinds / Duorol


Due to the single fabric nature of these roller blinds, benefits can be felt with design features as well as insulation because of the freedom the blank material canvas allows, and privacy is also at a maximum as the outside world can be completely blocked when necessary.


Roller blinds can be personalised to your own tastes, and can be produced to complement the style of your room. This type of blind can have a pattern finish or make use of vibrant colours to suit the interior design of a room. The material can also be protected with a stain resistant finish to ensure complete practicality.


As well as our multitude of colours and designs, we can also offer technically advanced fabrics with our rollers, including energy save, block out for bedrooms, and dim out perfect for removing glare in rooms with screens.


At Sovereign Systems, we will install your roller blinds to a high standard, and our competitive prices make us the first choice when considering buying blinds.

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