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Venetian Blinds


These versatile blinds are perfectly suited to any type of home. Keep things simple and discreet with a neutral shade that fades into the background. Or shake things up a little with a bold colour or a metallic option that really makes a statement. You’ll be surprised at the difference a change in slat width allows you to make too. Or why not go to our more popular choice of wooden venetian blinds, available in a variety of slat sizes we can provide real timber from responsibly managed forests or our Faux wood collection which are particularly suited to damp or moist conditions. All of our wood and wood effect venetians act as a great natural insulator providing excellent protection from solar gain whilst also keeping the warmth in when necessary. 


For delicately adjusted natural lighting that can be directed up or down, Venetian blinds are ideal. These blinds can be made to measure and will provide your home or office with a practical way to controlling the light that comes into your building.


At Sovereign Systems, we have a wide choice of colours and slat size, with accessories for those ever important finishing touches.


For the ultimate in shading please enquire about our privacy Venetians.

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