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Plantation Shutters


Available in a choice of luxurious real wood or highest quality PVC, our interior shutters are available in a wide variety of combinations designed to bring a crisp and contemporary style to your home. As well as providing a visual impact each style will enhance privacy, light control and sound proofing.

Café style shutters cover the bottom half of a window, creating privacy at the lower level, while letting daylight flood into your room through the top of your window. 

Tier-on-tier style feature top and bottom panels moving independently of each other enabling versatile control of your privacy and light.

Full height shutters are an elegant design that works on any window and are perfect for French, patio doors or tall windows.

The Tracked shutter style doesn’t require frames or hinges, and simply slides on a track. They fold back making easy access through a patio or bifold doors, or creating a versatile room divider.

Larger louvres have a contemporary style and let in more light. Smaller louvres are perfect if your window is overlooked and privacy is important. Solid shutters provide maximum light control and add a traditional Victorian style. 

All our shutters are custom built to fit any window shape or style however unusual they may be. Large or small windows, traditional, square or curved bay windows or any shaped windows are all catered for within our comprehensive portfolio of shutter products. 

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