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Louvered Roof Systems


With a louvered roof, you decide how much sun and light you like on your terrace. The roof can be opened and closed with a remote control or manually operated system, which means that you are also dry during bad weather. We sell two types of aluminum louvered roofs; one with tilting panels and one with panels that can be slide to the side. They are supplied in high-quality aluminum in a timeless anthracite color. With the Pinela, Pinela Manual and Pinela Deluxe louvered roof pergolas, your terrace will become your own paradise every season.


Aluminum is a low maintenance material. The color lasts for decades and does not need to be painted over. In addition, it is strong. The louvered roof can be supplied with all kinds of extra options and accessories. With Sovereign Shading Systems and Deponti you can create the terrace of your dreams.

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